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About Us.







Britabuhom was first founded in 2005 by Dr Ayman Hassan, a veterinarian and avid hunter. Ayman's involvement with the breed began over 20 years ago during his years at the Lort Smith Veterinary Hospital, North Melbourne. 


In 1999, we acquired our first Brittany, Rusty, who was the first stud in our kennel. From here the kennel grew, breeding well pedigreed, French standard dogs and bitches, primarily for hunters.


We are on a small farm South East of Melbourne with vast fields for the dogs to run, exercise and train in, with two dams for swimming and water retrieving practice. 


Being a vet, Ayman implements the highest quality nutrition, exercise and healthcare regime for all of our dogs.


We are members of the Victorian Canine Association, the Club L'Epagneul Inc. Vic. and Club L'Epganeul Breton France (CEB).

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